Ok, so remember a while ago when I talked about travelling this way, that way, and the other? No? Oh, well I do. And about 3 months ago, I did more travelling in one week than I think I ever have.

How much is that? Well, in a span of 48 hours, I was in 4 different airports across the country.

Let’s remember it together, okay?

This was in the middle of March. For the first part of the week, I had the opportunity to go to Seattle for work. It was me, and two coworkers. I had a lot of fun. We arrived in Seattle on Monday evening, worked on Tuesday, then left Wednesday morning.

Wednesday afternoon, I arrived back in Salt Lake City, only to leave again that evening. Where was I going? TO PITTSBURGH, OF COURSE! I was finally making the cross country trek to see not only the city of Pittsburgh (and home of my beloved Penguins), but also my BFF Jess, who else? Continue reading


The one where I live alone for a week

Hey all!  I’m still here.  Exhausted, but here.

I did not nap today.  Which is excellent news, considering I woke up at 6 for work.  Yay!

I spent this last week alone because my roommate went on vacation.  And I can say this one thing:

I kinda don’t mind living alone.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love having my roommate.  But it was nice to have my apartment all to myself for a week.  And considering all I did was work and sleep and watch tv, it was kinda a vacation for me too. Continue reading