Ok, so remember a while ago when I talked about travelling this way, that way, and the other? No? Oh, well I do. And about 3 months ago, I did more travelling in one week than I think I ever have.

How much is that? Well, in a span of 48 hours, I was in 4 different airports across the country.

Let’s remember it together, okay?

This was in the middle of March. For the first part of the week, I had the opportunity to go to Seattle for work. It was me, and two coworkers. I had a lot of fun. We arrived in Seattle on Monday evening, worked on Tuesday, then left Wednesday morning.

Wednesday afternoon, I arrived back in Salt Lake City, only to leave again that evening. Where was I going? TO PITTSBURGH, OF COURSE! I was finally making the cross country trek to see not only the city of Pittsburgh (and home of my beloved Penguins), but also my BFF Jess, who else? Continue reading