Looking Forward, Looking Up, Now Boarding

General life update.

I realized a few days ago that there are a lot of things I’m looking forward to this year. And I’m actually pretty excited about it.

Does anyone want to talk about it? No. Well, too bad, I’m going to talk about it anyway.

For starters, this week is going to be ride. I’m so so excited. I’m going on a business trip. Yes, me. You read that right. No, I can’t really believe it either. Business trips are reserved for those that wear suits all the time and are stuffy and are SERIOUS business people. I’m none of those things (well, I am a serious businesswoman sometimes…sometimes) and yet tomorrow, I will board a flight that will take me on my first big kid adventure.

Well, I’ve been a big kid for a while, but apparently other people are starting to notice. Yay! (no sarcasm) Continue reading

A picture is worth a thousand words: week 6


August 2009. I was standing outside a theater in downtown Billings, Montana. I was in the middle of having my senior pictures taken.

This photo was the photographer’s idea. She liked how the metal of the ticket booth looked against my dress and violin. I was just happy to include such a big part of my life with my senior pictures.

We got the pictures back and, hilariously, I noticed the very faint sock tan I had. I guess that’s what I get for spending almost everyday over the summer on the tennis court.

I still love this picture so much. I really love just how it turned out. I also really loved those shoes. Continue reading

A picture is worth a thousand words: week 5


All credit for this picture, taken in January 2017, goes to my sister, Ann. We’ve agreed this is the album art of the EP I will never drop.

But hey, at least I have a sick picture to go with it. #ThugLyphe

My younger sister, Ann, got a camera for Christmas. A nice camera. I immediately knew what this would mean…

Roommate photo shoots. Blech.

But, knowing my sister, she was not about that life at all, so I knew I was in the clear. With any other roommate, I would now be condemned to go far and wide to pose on rocks and on city blocks just for “practice”. But with Annie, I just had to go along for the ride and maybe pose for a few.

Maybe. Continue reading

A picture is worth a thousand words: week 4


This picture was taken in June 2016. I’m so excited about this one.

It was a Tuesday. Or maybe it was a Wednesday. I was texting my friend, Jessica, about how she was visiting her family in southern Utah. She was saying something about wanting Cafe Rio, because there isn’t a Cafe Rio where she lives back East. I suggested I come down to where she was on Friday and we could get Cafe Rio together on Saturday. She said something along the lines of, “Wait. Seriously? Yes! Do that!” After about 5 minutes of thinking about it, I decided to drive down immediately after work on Friday afternoon. I was so excited to see her; we hadn’t seen each other since she had gotten married, about two years prior.

Friday came and I could barely contain my excitement. She could barely contain her excitement. We were both so excited to see each other and the fact I was going on such a spontaneous road trip was exciting in and of itself.

After a weirdly long road trip, I finally got the town where she was. The next day we got our Cafe Rio, and went on a drive around the town and up the canyon. We stopped at Cedar Breaks, which is a great lookout on the ravine below. It was so beautiful and FREEZING COLD. Neither of us were anticipating how cold it was going to be that weekend. The wind was blowing (which you can see in my hair), which made it really cold. But that didn’t matter. We were together again, the besties. I was just so happy to be spending time with her. We stayed up late talking, we drove through McDonald’s for Diet Coke and french fries, it was like we weren’t ever apart–we just picked up where we left off. Continue reading

A picture is worth a thousand words: week 3

This picture is from September 2016. And this one is interesting…

If you ask me how it started, I don’t actually remember. At all. All I know is now I’m here, and I weirdly know more about the Leafs’ organization than I know about the Pens’. Yes. I know. I am a Penguins fan through and through, but somehow I know more about the Leafs.

When I say somehow…I know why. I just don’t remember how.

If you had to ask me and wouldn’t take, “I don’t know,” with a shrug for an answer, I would say it’s due to Tumblr. But I’m not even sure about that. Actually, now that I think about it, it is due to Tumblr. I was scrolling through one day, and saw some post about a guy sitting in a blue room with a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey on, yelling about the Leafs. I didn’t know who the guy was, but I clicked through on the link, and was brought to a YouTube channel I knew nothing about. All I knew is I found the source of the yelling Leafs guy. His name is Steve “Dangle” and he makes a video after every single Leafs game, called “LFR”s (“Leafs Fan Reaction”). I didn’t know anything about the Leafs, but I did know that the videos were highly entertaining.

So, I started watching them. Continue reading

A picture is worth a thousand words: week 2


This picture was taken two years ago, January 28, 2015. And here’s the story…

I was in college for 10 semesters. Some were easy, some were hard. In the middle of semester 10, I realized I was finished with my degree and just sort of got bored. I was ready to be done with college, or so I thought.

I immediately called my dad when I turned in my application for graduation. I was so excited to finally be able to walk into the student services building with a purpose, and a purpose I was actually excited about. As I told him I just turned in my application, I walked across the library plaza, and right by a group of freshmen, on a tour of campus. I smiled as I realized the odd juxtaposition of me, a senior and gushing about how happy I was to be turning in my graduation application, and the group of freshmen, learning about the campus I had come to know and love.  Continue reading

A picture is worth a thousand words: week 1


This was taken in July 2015. So the story goes…

It was a rare day off from Old Navy. Rachel and I were both off. Since we didn’t already spend enough time together at all hours of the day, we decided to go for a hike. I hadn’t ever hiked Ensign Peak, despite living in Salt Lake for a long time.

So up we went. To Ensign Peak, to the top of the valley.

It was a hot day, but we were prepared. We both had sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, bottles full of ice water, phones in case something went wrong, and comfy clothes. We got to the trail head and decided whose stuff would stay in the car, and what we would bring. We left our water in the car, because we didn’t want to have to carry it. I don’t ever remember thinking that would be a bad idea. (It didn’t end up being a bad idea. We both lived.) One thing neither of us were prepared for was the accidental pace I set.

If you haven’t climbed Ensign Peak before, I will explain. It’s a very short hike, and really only takes about an hour if you climb it at a normal pace. There is quite the elevation gain in the short walk. For some reason, that hot day, I decided to basically run up the hill. I do this, for some reason, every single time I climb Ensign Peak. It’s not good for the people with me who wanted just a leisurely walk up the hill and instead got an intense cardio workout.

Anyway, it was a really hot day and I ran up the hill. Not literally, but I was pretty quick. I realized what I was doing and tried to stop halfway to rest for a second. The rest was short lived, as we both agreed we would just rest at the top. Up we climbed, hoping there was at least a breeze at the top of the hill. Continue reading