Flowers and Diet Cokes

Two things to know before we get started here: 1) Tulips are my favorite flowers. 2) I like Diet Coke.

Good to go? Okay, let’s go.

Every year in Utah, there is a month long Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point. I have lived in Utah for about 7 years now, and the Tulip Festival has existed for all 7 of those years, even longer. I have never gone. I don’t know why. I always say I want to go, and then don’t end up going. In my defense, Thanksgiving Point is a little out of the way, I just never got down there during the Tulip Festival.

Last weekend, that all changed.

I knew it was the last weekend I would be able to go, so earlier in the week, I asked a friend of mine if he wanted to go with me. He said he would, but that he couldn’t go over the weekend, because he was already busy. We both decided, tentatively, that we would go during the next week (which is this week). Then, last Saturday, I found myself with not much to do. I decided to do something for myself, instead of feeling like waiting for someone to go with me. [I’d like to think this is akin to going to a movie by myself, or going to a restaurant alone. I don’t need anyone to go with me, but for some reason, I always prefer to have someone with me, so I don’t look like a loner, really.] I sort of had a reason to go down that way, anyway, so I took the opportunity to go by myself.

Why was I headed down that way? I’ll explain.

I have a cousin who is at school in Rexburg. He frequently comes down to Utah to see his girlfriend. This past weekend, he texted me on Friday afternoon and asked if he could stay on my couch that weekend. I said yes, as he had done that before. He said he would be there around midnight, and would be leaving Provo to come up at 1015 ish. I said that was fine. He came and stayed the night. The next morning, he said he needed to be back in Provo by 3. He had come back up to Salt Lake because he didn’t have anywhere to stay in Provo. I said I would take him to the train station, and that on the way there, we could swing through McDonald’s and get sodas. So we did. But, before we did that, I realized I wanted to go to the Tulip Festival. I suggested instead of him riding the train, I would just take him down myself and then I could stop at Thanksgiving Point on the way back.

That was the plan. It was a good plan, if I do say so myself. I was going a little out of my way to go all the way down to Provo, but I figured it was fine.

We drove through McDonald’s before we left, and ordered 4 drinks. He order Dr. Pepper and a water (which they charged us for…like a cup of water and they charged us. Whatever.), Ann got a powerade, and I got a Diet Coke. As I pulled up to the window, the woman held a drink out, and then hesitated. “I…oh no…I can’t remember if this is Dr. Pepper or Diet Coke…” I said I would figure it out. I tasted the drink, and it didn’t taste like Dr. Pepper, so I told her it wasn’t. …It didn’t taste like Diet Coke, either. But I thought that was maybe just the initial taste. We got the rest of our drinks and I pulled away from the drive thru. I had my cousin try the drink, too. He said it wasn’t Dr. Pepper and it wasn’t Diet Coke, either. It honestly tasted like a mixture of Pepsi and Coke, which was the most bizarre thing ever. We stopped at home to grab some lunch really quickly, and I decided to throw away the disappointment drink, and decided I would get another one on my way down to Provo or on my way back. I did. It was the EXACT SAME WEIRD MIXTURE. I decided, against my better judgment, to just drink that entire drink. It was fine, I decided. It was more a minor inconvenience.

I still like Diet Coke and prefer it over any other weird hybrid, but I’m taking this one as a loss and moving on.

All of this happened on my way to the Tulip Festival. Sorry, it’s a bit of a roundabout way to get there.

I arrived at Thanksgiving Point and realized how busy it was going to be, considering it was one of the last days of the festival. I went in, paid, and started the loop through the garden by myself. It was honestly a little underwhelming and a little lonely. All the other people there were either couples or families. I wasn’t part of either of those types of groups. I was a solo festival goer. The flowers were beautiful and I loved them, but there were a lot of people and I really should have taken more time to wander, but I felt a little odd, the group of one, wandering by myself. I really shouldn’t have cared, and I’m really, really glad I went, but it was a little lonely.

But really, I digress. The important takeaways here are the flowers were BEAUTIFUL, and I’m so beyond glad I finally go to go the Tulip Festival. I’m also glad I went by myself for a few reasons: 1, I’m glad I finally started to realize I can do things by myself. Yes, sometimes they will be lonely, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still go and enjoy myself. 2, Honestly? It probably would have been odd to go with a friend who is a boy and not be dating him. I think I probably would felt a little awkward. I actually thought of a few other friends I could have called and asked to go with me, but I didn’t. I really just wanted to go by myself…my logic being that I was the one who truly wanted to go, so I might as well go, and not drag anyone else with me.

So that’s my Tulip Festival adventure. It was beautiful and I’m so glad I went. Tulips will always be beautiful to me, even after walking through fields and fields of them. Every one of them is individual, and even the different varieties are more beautiful, my favorite being the fringed tulip (which they had and I was SO EXCITED. I thought about taking one with me…but I didn’t.) I was so happy to see tulips, and fields of them, that I decided to stop at the store on the way home and bought myself a dozen. #TreatYoself I would have bought some at the festival, but they weren’t available to buy, even in their greenhouse. They might have some at the beginning of the festival, but I figured they were LONG gone by the time I got there. So I just went to the grocery store instead.

You want to see some of the tulips I saw? OKAY!!


At the end of the day, I’m very glad I went, regardless of anything else I’ve said here. It was so beautiful and so nice to be out among nature. (And yes, I’ll just have to try again with the Diet Coke…)


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