The Power of Dreams

It’s been a big week for me. I knew it would be relatively big, but I didn’t know how many things would happen…

And by big week, I mean big 72 hours.

Remember a while ago when I said I wanted two things from this year: a new bed and a new car? Well I got both of them.

A few weeks ago, my mom said she would come down and bring a bed for me with her. I was so excited that it was going to happen, and was anxiously looking forward to it. 

But first, I had to sell the old bed.

I listed it on both craigslist…and Facebook. Facebook now has a marketplace section. It’s one that I’ve looked at before, not because I actually wanted to buy anything, but more because I was curious. I decided to try it out, mostly because I couldn’t remember my craigslist password, and didn’t want to have to go through the “hassle” of resetting it. I listed my bed, which was super easy, and waited. I didn’t have to wait long. Within two hours, I had a woman coming to look at it. She and her husband showed up, took a look, and then took it with them. I was a little shocked that Facebook marketplace had worked so well and so quickly. In those two hours, I had also posted on craigslist, and I don’t even think I got a single view before I had to delete the posting.

That was on Saturday, my mom wasn’t going to be to Utah until Thursday. I figured I could sleep on the floor, couch, or the air mattress. I opted for the air mattress, and although it wasn’t actually too bad, I am very grateful that I didn’t have to sleep on it for more than a few nights.

Thursday afternoon, at lunchtime, I ran home, deflated and put away the air mattress, cleaned up my room a little, and got ready for the imminent arrival of my new bed. I was very glad I went home at lunch, because I then had to stay late at work, and got back to my apartment that evening about 20 minutes before my mom arrived. I had the help of my brother, brother in law, cousin, and one of my friends. We got the bed moved in, and then my cousin and friend helped me put the bed together a little later. It was not without its mishaps, namely we put the pieces in the wrong order a few times before we got it all put together correctly, but once we got going, it was really easy.

The next day was Friday. I knew it was going to be a big, and expensive, day.

But first, we pause for some background.

A few weeks ago, I was with one of my friends, the same friend who helped move in the bed. He was telling me something about his car and he wanted to check the level of some fluid. That reminded me that I should probably check the oil level in my car, because I had had the oil changed recently, but I wasn’t sure when I needed to go again. The next day, I checked the dipstick, and it was almost completely dry.


This started a completely unnecessary and totally dumb guilt trip on my part. I realized that my car was old, but I felt really bad that I hadn’t thought to check earlier, and hadn’t thought to be more proactive, just because of the age of my car. After I got over myself, I realized that if I were going to keep driving that car, I needed to get the oil changed the next day.

But, before I realized that, I told my mom what had happened. She responded simply, “Let’s get rid of it next week.”

Oh. Oh! Ok…

The next day, before work, I got oil added to my car, paid way too much money for it, and had the coolant topped off too. I also got a weird talking to by the mechanic, who told me I needed to keep an eye on my car. On the one hand, he had a good point, on the other hand, I had the oil changed 3700 miles before, sir, that is not supposed to be a concern that quickly. He told me about quite a few nicks on my windshield, I told him the car was soon to be retired, so honestly, I didn’t care.

The main takeaway here is that my mom had decided that we were going to get rid of the car and I was going to buy a new one while she was here.

Ok, so now. Back to the story. It’s Friday.

Now, knowing me, we all know that I had already done a ton of research about what kinds of cars I wanted to consider and what models I wanted. I knew from the beginning that I wanted a crossover or a small SUV. I was ready to try something else. I was technically in a hatchback already, and my first car was a minivan, so I thought it was time to try something completely different. I had a few models I wanted to try test driving and a few models I knew I was seriously considering, I just needed to try driving them first.

I had told both my parents what my thoughts were. So, when I got in my old car with my mom on Friday, I knew I was probably going to get a Honda that day, but whether it was the HR-V or the CR-V, that was yet to be determined.

I won’t lie, when I drove onto the lot, I was nervous for a lot of reasons. I was nervous I wasn’t going to like either car and then be at square 1 again, I was worried about the whole experience, I was worried that I would have to keep driving my old car for a while, I was nervous about how much money a car is (but I reminded myself that it’s okay to go into debt for a new car), and I was nervous I would come across as someone who knew nothing and then be taken advantage of. Well, I had my mom with me, so that last one was a bit of a lesser fear.

We walked into the dealership and met a salesman. My mom started the conversation (as we had discussed, and I had requested), then I took over (something I wasn’t really expecting to do). I told the salesman what I wanted and why I wanted it. He kept asking about trim and interior, when I just wanted to get in a car and try driving it to see if what I was thinking about these cars was right or not. We decided to test drive both. It ended up being a completely different experience than I thought. I thought I was going to be so scared the whole time, then bored, then frustrated. I didn’t think it would be so, well, easy. The salesman told us they had two 2016 CR-Vs left and it was a bit of a priority to get rid of them. So I took one of them. I thought the whole process would take hours and hours and hours. It took about 4 or 5 altogether. I was very pleasantly surprised the entire time.

So, now, I own a car. Whoa. It’s still so weird to me that I can sign for big things, like a car, or putting my name and my name alone on a lease, without my parents as cosigners.

I thought that then, my big week was over. But no, the next day, we went to Lagoon. It was fun, and a little chilly. I forgot, because it was so chilly, that the sun also shines on chilly days, and got my first sunburn of the year. Oops. It’s already getting better, and it’s still funny that I forget sunscreen.

While my brother and sister were waiting to ride a ride, I sat with my mom. I looked at her and said, “I’m going to need more goals for the year. My goals were a new bed and a new car, and I got both in a 48 hour period.” We laughed, but I was half serious. I don’t really know what to do now, but honestly, I’m not complaining about it. I’m so incredibly grateful that I was able to get both things in such a short amount of time. So grateful and also incredibly excited.


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