Looking Forward, Looking Up, Now Boarding

General life update.

I realized a few days ago that there are a lot of things I’m looking forward to this year. And I’m actually pretty excited about it.

Does anyone want to talk about it? No. Well, too bad, I’m going to talk about it anyway.

For starters, this week is going to be ride. I’m so so excited. I’m going on a business trip. Yes, me. You read that right. No, I can’t really believe it either. Business trips are reserved for those that wear suits all the time and are stuffy and are SERIOUS business people. I’m none of those things (well, I am a serious businesswoman sometimes…sometimes) and yet tomorrow, I will board a flight that will take me on my first big kid adventure.

Well, I’ve been a big kid for a while, but apparently other people are starting to notice. Yay! (no sarcasm)

About 12 hours after I come back from my stuffy, serious businessperson trip (which actually won’t be stuffy at all), I leave again. This time on vacation. To see Jessica.

Okay. That was a lot all at once. Let’s recap. The queen of not ever taking any time off is going on vacation. And I’m going to be reunited with my bestest best friend in the entire world. We are going to need some red vines. And some diet coke. Also, a camera.


Am I going to miss being at home in Utah? No, not really. Am I going to miss a few people? Yeah, kinda. But will I be gone for just a week? Yes, definitely. So, it’ll be okay.

After this week of much traveling (and taking, I think, my first red eye…yikes), I still have so much to look forward to for the next little while.

My mom texted me the other day and asked if I would call her when I got home from work. When I called home, I found my mom, dad, brother, and the cat gathered around the computer in the basement. They were going through all sorts of files and deciding which ones to keep and which could go. It was a general Spring Cleaning, of sorts. It was a little embarrassing, because we had to watch almost all of the 7th grade video project I did. (I had braces guys, and I was in the middle of my awkward, not cute phase…not good at all. In fact, really sort of humiliating. But I digress) After that embarrassment was over, my mom said she had initially called to ask me about a CD holder that is mine. I said it would be fine to get rid of it.

And then the phone call ended.

About 20 minutes later, my dad called me and told me that my parents got a new bed, and if I’d like, they had an extra one I could have. Well, actually, dad, I would love that. So much.

[Silly Mary side note: on my Christmas list this year, I put a new bed and a new car. I wasn’t expecting to get either of these things, but I did want help towards these two things. I say Silly Mary because it was just so far fetched, but I did have reasons for putting them on that list in the first place]

The thing to be excited about here is that I will be getting a new bed this year. And I’m so excited for it. Mostly because it will be a queen sized bed. Which will be such a nice upgrade from my twin that I have now.

Another thing I’m looking forward to is a new car this year.

I have been thinking about getting a new car for quite some time now. Not that I really need it, but it would be so nice to have a car that I don’t think in the back of my head is just going to give up on me every time I get in it. I love my current car, and I am really sad that I will have to part ways with it, but it is old, and tired, and I think it is time for change.

A new car is expensive, this is true, but I think I can make it work. No, I know I can make it work.

I’m also excited for other little things as well. A few other vacations coming up later in the year, doing things with friends, going out and just enjoying my life because I can. There are probably also a ton of things I don’t know are coming that I know I can be excited about, too. And that’s half the fun, I mean really.

[Another side note: today, at church, I was sitting with a few people before church started. We were talking about nothing really, when one of the guys started talking about the Yellowstone river. I said that I’ve seen the Yellowstone a lot, and that one of the most fun things to do on rivers is to raft down them. All of the people in the conversation kinda just looked at me with a mixture of shock and surprise. I guess I don’t really look like the kind of girl that would like to raft. But I do. So much. One of the other people sitting there is one of my really good friends. I suggested we go rafting in Montana sometime this summer. He agreed. Does he actually mean he will go with me? I don’t know, but now I’m excited about going rafting. The whole conversation made me realize that I can go do fun things , I don’t need a vacation or a big event to look forward to, to have fun. I can do what I want, when I want it.]

I know I complain far too much about growing up and being an adult, and, frankly, it’s because that really sucks a lot of the time. But even more of the time, it’s a fun thing, like when you are able to afford vacations for yourself, and not think about how you’ll have to cut something out to afford that trip.

With adulthood comes great responsibility, but no one said responsibility had to be boring and depressing at all.

So, bring it on. Let’s go have some fun!


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