A picture is worth a thousand words: week 5


All credit for this picture, taken in January 2017, goes to my sister, Ann. We’ve agreed this is the album art of the EP I will never drop.

But hey, at least I have a sick picture to go with it. #ThugLyphe

My younger sister, Ann, got a camera for Christmas. A nice camera. I immediately knew what this would mean…

Roommate photo shoots. Blech.

But, knowing my sister, she was not about that life at all, so I knew I was in the clear. With any other roommate, I would now be condemned to go far and wide to pose on rocks and on city blocks just for “practice”. But with Annie, I just had to go along for the ride and maybe pose for a few.


This was the first day she took the camera out.  I had the day off work, and she didn’t have school. She asked me if we could go to a few places around town to get some pictures. We started at the Utah State Capitol building. It was, like, a half cold day outside. It was warm enough to be outside, but not warm enough to stay outside. Ann got out of the car and started wandering around. She took pictures of the building, of the view, of the different things that we saw.

Then, she asked me to step in front of the camera. I started posing immediately. As much as I loathed the idea of “roommate photo shoots”, it was so much fun to just pose however I wanted. This picture was one of like 5 that she got of me posing. I started on the left side of where this photo was taken, and moved across the lawn, every single time posing a different way. I admit, I was doing it on purpose, like they would eventually be layered on top of each other to make a pretty sweet album cover.

I mean, I’m not actually that cool, nor will I probably ever be, but man, oh man, is it fun to pretend.

After we were done at the Capitol, we headed up to U to take a few more. After that, we decided it was too cold. But we both decided it was fun, and that we will have to go out more often with the camera.

I mean, we have yet to do that, but this was also taken just a few weeks ago.

Regardless of if we get more pictures, and what those will look like, I would just like everyone to know me for the true cool kid that I actually am…jokes guys, I’m not as cool as I look in this picture.

Anyway. Anyway anyway anyway.

Have I ever said anything about my sister, Annie? I’m not sure I have…

Ann is my younger sister. For as long as I can remember, we’ve been friends as well as sisters. Whenever I needed someone to hang out with, or to stick by my side, Annie was usually there. When our older sister got married, Ann became my roommate. I was excited that I had another sister to be my roommate, instead of moving in with someone I didn’t know at all.

I will tell you right now, there are times we don’t get along at all. But for all those times, I’m quite positive there are two more times that we do get along. Ann comes across to people who don’t know her as someone who is quiet and reserved.

Trust me. She is quite the opposite.

I completely understand why she is so quiet around those she doesn’t know. I don’t question that. But the difference when she is around people she knows is so night and day, it’s actually pretty funny.

One thing I know for a fact is that Ann is so much funnier than I am. The things she says sometimes are so much funnier than I could ever come up with. Another thing I know for a fact is that Ann is also incredibly smart and totally hard working. It’s hard sometimes, because when I finish work for the day, I just want to play, but Annie always has a ton of work to do. Luckily she can usually work with a movie or the TV on, so I get to hang out with her while she works.

Besides, it just wouldn’t make much sense if I had a different roommate that loved Beyonce and baseball as much as Ann does. Because she really is irreplaceable. We are pretty good foils of each other.

Because Ann and I are close in age, we ended up in high school at the same time. We spent a lot of time together. We both played tennis, I drove us to school, I tried my hardest to look out for my little sister. That meant that we shared some of the same friends, and even the same lunch group at times. We ended up as a doubles partnership one tennis season. That was fun for not only us, but also our mother when the local newspaper reported we were the formidable sounding “Wilcox sisters”. I tried to look out for her, but also not be to overbearing. I think I succeeded in that. It was usually fun to share a high school with my sister. We didn’t see each other much, but we did end up sharing a lot of things, most infamously swine flu during my junior year and her freshman year.

Because I am the more outgoing of the two of us, people usually refer to Ann as “Mary’s sister”. I wish that weren’t the case all the time, because Annie is a completely different person than I am. I wish I could sometimes say to those people, “Yes, but have you met Ann? I am really just ‘Ann’s sister’ not the other way around.”

Ann is my younger sister, and that will always mean something, but she is also one of my best friends, and one of the people I will do anything for, and anything with. I love you, Annie. Thanks for putting up with me as a roommate, and thanks for taking my cover art.


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