You’re on fire, man!

Marco at Texas 2014

Entry four, Racing. It’s what we do.

It’s been a while since I did one of these so I thought I’d bring it back.

This is from the IndyCar race in Texas in 2014. This race is one of the first ovals after Indianapolis, so the oval aero kits are used. But also, because it is so soon after Indy, most of the drivers are still using the same engines. Right after Indianapolis, the next 4 weeks or so all have races. It’s crazy madness but everyone loves it.

During this particular race, Marco Andretti was one of the ones who had been using the same engine for quite some time. He had qualified well and was absolutely flying when the race started. Usually in oval racing, the smartest line is right down on the very inside of the track, and Marco was taking this very line but was somehow riding lower. And passing a lot more people. He was going so fast the first laps.

And then, he wasn’t.

As he came tearing around a corner, he started to slow down. He crawled to a stop near the infield and just sat there for a second.

I was confused about why he stopped until that very moment.

His car was billowing thick, dark smoke out of the back of it. Suddenly, flames leapt from the engine. He was on FIRE! Marco was a favorite going into this race and now all of a sudden he was out. I yelled at my television. “Marco! Get out of your car! You’re on fire! Oh good, he’s out.”

“Oh wait,” I realized. “He’s out. Like out of the race.”

Then I was sad. He was running such a good race and then he was out. I don’t even remember who won the race. It’s not that I was that sad about Marco, I just can’t remember who won. Oh well.

The moral of the story is that engines fail. Even racing engines that have run thousands of hard miles. And that is all.

(And as always, this isn’t mine. I took it from the internet. Not claiming it to be mine.)


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