And then there was one

Hello to everyone. I, again, forgot that I had this blog. I’m so sorry.

I’ve started my last semester of school! Woohoo!  Classes have been going well. I like my classes.  They are challenging, but not overly hard. Strangely enough, the past couple of weeks, I have learned the same thing in all my classes.  It’s been kinda weird with the overlap, but now I really really know the material, right?

What classes am I taking?

Strategic Management–I can tell this is going to be my most difficult class.  The material isn’t hard per se, it’s just that it seems there is a lot to remember, and that my prof wants everything a specific way.

Intro to Advertising–This class has been slightly boring up to this point, but I think it is going to start to get interesting.  We talk about advertising, yes, but first we had to build a foundation about why people buy things, how advertisements help in the process, what types of advertisements there are, and what kind of advertisement should be used.  But now I think it will get more fun.

International Marketing–Another slightly boring class.  My poor prof wants us to participate so badly, but nobody really wants to.  We have already done a group project and the members of my group participate quite a bit in class, but we are really the only ones.  Also.  Last semester, I took a class called International Management.  There seems to be a ton of overlap between that class and the class I’m in now.  It’s okay.  I guess it’s nice to have the review and it is pretty interesting to get a different professor’s opinion on things.

Sports Economics–By far my most entertaining class.  The professor is hilarious.  He really likes sports, too!  Which is good.  But I don’t think he enjoys the motorsports as much as I do.  It will also be one of my harder classes.  Just because econ is hard.  But the professor really knows what he is talking about and is good at explaining it.  He also laughs at all his own jokes, which is hilarious to watch.

So school is back.  We are entering week 4.  I have already taken 3 quizzes, turned in 2 group projects, and have 2 exams this week.  I had kinda forgotten how busy school can be.

I few weeks ago in sports econ, I was sitting waiting for class when this kid walked in wearing a Lewis Hamilton hat.  I looked down.  I was wearing a Mark Webber t-shirt.  Haha.  I met the Lewis kid who strangely looked like Lewis Hamilton.  It is still kinda odd to meet another F1 fan, just because American F1 fans are few and far between.

I still have some work from the summer to finish up.  I know, I know.  I need to get it done and it is almost done.  It is all typed up in an outline format and I know if I sit down and marathon it all, it will take about 4 hours.  But the problem is finding 4 hours to sit down and do it.

It seems weird that I’m almost done.  And before you start asking, I don’t know what exactly I’m going to be doing, or where I’ll be living.  I have thought about jobs, but it still feels kind of too early to be applying.  October won’t be too early though.  I will be applying for Formula 1 and IndyCar, don’t worry about that.  But other than that, I don’t have one place that I really want to be or whatever.

I just haven’t gotten that far.  Right now I’m just worried about those tests.  And the paper I have due on Monday.


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