To this day, I don’t know why it was there

Story time with Mary. Gather ’round y’all. Get comfortable.

When I lived in the dorms, I worked at the Gateway mall.  I had to take the train down to the mall (it was only about a 30 minute ‘commute’) because I had no car.  After I got off the train, I had to walk about 5 more minutes across the street and through the mall to where I worked.  I had to walk through the main plaza of the mall.  Often, there were events going on in the plaza of the mall–concerts, University of Utah pep rallies, fairs.  Ya know, plaza stuff.

Well.  One day, I was walking towards the plaza.  In order to get through the plaza, I had to go down stairs.  From the second level to the ground level.  On this particular day, I walked over the crest of the stairs, looked down into the plaza, and saw an event being packed up.  I didn’t think anything of it, until I saw that the main thing that was on display during the event was still out.  Then I stopped. Dead in my tracks.  For there, across the plaza, was Will Power’s IndyCar.

No I’m not kidding.  See?

Will Power's #12

Will Power’s #12

Now the next thing I did, I regret to this day.  I looked down at my phone, and DECIDED I DIDN’T HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO GO UP TO THE STUPID CAR AND TAKE A BETTER PICTURE OF IT!

Wait. What?

I took this picture, marveled that there was a real racing car not 100 feet in front of me, AND THEN KEPT WALKING.  Not only a real racing car, but Will Power’s racing car.  One of my racing heroes!  His car was literally right in front of me, and I kept walking.

Oh, dear.  I think this was my sophomore year of college.  My racing life had not yet taken off, so I can forgive myself slightly.  Only slightly.

If I could go back, I would.  I would march right up to that car, and touch it.  Or take a picture.  Or ask someone why Will Power’s car was in Salt Lake City.  I still don’t know why it was there.  I’m assuming it had something to do with Verizon, but I have no idea.

Regrets, regrets.  I just remembered that this happened to me this evening.  I’m such a dummy.

Oh, well.  This just means I have to see Will Power’s newer #12.  And take a closer picture.  Yeah.

That is all.  This has been story time with Mary.  Back to your lives, citizens.


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