I’m Supergirl, and I’m here to save the world (or the group project grade)

In other news, all is well with me, in case anyone was wondering. During the last month of school, I kinda forgot I had this site. I apologize. I had a group project in every single one of my classes. Which actually is not fun. At all. I volunteered myself to complete the final edit of a 30 page paper. I started at about 1030 PM, and at 530 the next morning, I gave up and took a nap. I needed to have the final paper to the kid that was supposed to print it by 10 at the very latest. I woke up from my nap at about 845, and got right to work. I worked for another hour and then right when I was editing the LAST PARAGRAPH (on Google docs), my internet connection kicked me off. I couldn’t edit, I couldn’t print, I couldn’t do anything. What did I do? Well, I did what any sensible college student would do. I panicked. And burst into tears.

I quickly texted the group and told them what had happened. Then I waited. I refreshed the page, I attempted to edit again, and the same thing happened.

I almost screamed. I was so close to being done. Why now? Why me? Most importantly, why 30 pages? Ugh. Dumb.

But. Five panicked, shaky minutes later, I was miraculously let back on the internet. I quickly finished the paper, sent it off, and told the group I had sent it.

I also apologized profusely for being late. Then I got ready to go to class. It was the last day of class, I supposed I had better go.

Then I got a text. From the boy who was printing it off. He told me that the attachment I sent was corrupt and that he couldn’t print the paper.


I panicked. Again. I apologized to the kid. And sent the attachment again. As soon as I sent it, he texted me back and told me just kidding.


I was sooooo not happy. But then I laughed. The time to be angry was about 10 hours behind me.

I showed up to class, the class this paper was due in, about 2 minutes late. As soon as I walked in, the kid who printed off the paper looked at me and had this look of relief on his face. I think he was concerned that I wouldn’t make it to class. He then threw his fist in the air. I pumped my fist in response.

Ha. We are really weird.

Then I looked behind him. Our group all sat together all semester. They all had the same look of relief on their faces. Then I realized that they were probably all shocked that I was functioning, considering that I had had about 3 hours of sleep. Ha. Amateurs. They clearly don’t understand that 3 hours of sleep a night is, unfortunately, a regular thing for me. At least it was this past semester.

But wait. It isn’t over yet. At the end of class, our professor asked if he had received all the projects. I glanced around at my group. The kid who printed then began rummaging through his backpack. Then he looked at me, panicked. Then he pulled another paper out of his backpack and sighed. Then he looked at it and looked at me, panicked again.

“It’s the wrong one.”

Shots fired. And I was already dead. I panicked. This could not be happening.


He started laughing. He had already turned in the project. The paper he pulled from his backpack was for another class. I looked at him.

I was angry. I had been put through enough. I told him he was not very nice at all. Then, I turned around and asked the rest of the group if he had actually turned in the project. They assured me that he had and that he was, indeed, very mean.

I then started to laugh. We were done with the project, done with the semester. He was just trying to provide come comic relief.

Well. He achieved his goal, didn’t he.

But wait. My day wasn’t over yet. I then went to my next class and took a final.

Yes. A final. On 3 hours of sleep.

I am Supergirl.

I passed the final. Got an A- in the class. I guess that I’m like smart. Or something. I don’t really know anymore.

So that’s how my semester ended. No sleep. And a lot of stress.



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