It’s been one of those days.  You know the ones, where nothing really seems to go right?

I woke up late.

That made me late to class.

I really need to do my laundry so I didn’t really have any clothes.

My sock fell halfway off my foot. I was wearing hi-tops so I couldn’t just take my shoe off and fix it.

I got to my second class. Everything was going just fine, until we had to start working on our group project.

Sidenote: This particular group project is a semester long one. It’s a marketing simulation, and we basically have to run a business. We are competing against 3 other teams. End sidenote.

Apparently, our group did not do too well with this week’s decision. One member of our group was quite angry about that. I had looked at the results and I thought they weren’t good, but we were half expecting them to not be good. Or at least I was. Anyway, the one group member who was not happy let us know that she was not happy. It made me feel a little inadequate. OK. A lot inadequate.

And that’s really where I saw my day go south.

Because our group is not doing well, I now all of sudden feel like I am going to fail every single one of my classes this semester. It’s not logical. It’s not smart. But it’s how I feel right now.

It sucks.

College is hard.

I know I won’t fail per se, but I also won’t do as well I as I want to.

(But, let’s be honest, I want an A. In every single one of my classes. I keep forgetting that I am in 4000 level classes this semester and that they are hard. They are hard for everyone. I probably won’t get an A because not many others will either. It doesn’t make me any less smart…except for the fact that it does…and besides the business school has this weird mean class grade policy, and it dictates that in a 4000 level class, the average grade will be a C. A 3.0-3.2 GPA for just that class. It’s a bit of a stupid policy–no one really likes it, professors and students alike. But anyway. I digress and I’m attempting to justify my poor performance this semester. Well. Poor for me. Digression over. Sorry.)

I left class feeling pretty down. I left the classroom and saw that it was raining pretty hard. Luckily for me, I had my umbrella.  I went outside, opened it….and stepped in a puddle.

My hi-tops have been well adventured. The right one has a bit of a hole in it, right along the outside of my foot.

Any guesses as to which foot came down in the puddle? Correct. My right foot. (My right sock is also the one that fell down.)

I kept walking. My foot got wetter.

I turned a corner and was met by a gust of wind. A cold gust of wind.

My other foot got wet. Both my socks got wet.

My jeans were starting to get wet.

I made it home in one cold, soggy mess.

Now, I can hear you. ‘Mary, you’re home. You don’t have school tomorrow. You can just focus on schoolwork now and cheer up.’

You’re right. I can try. But I still feel down.

I thought I would feel better after eating something.

I don’t.

And now I have to go to work. 6PM-3AM.  Not looking forward to it.

So, I’ve come to the conclusion that Thursday has won this week.

Because here’s the thing:

-I love the rain.

-We still have plenty of time to turn our simulation around.

-It’s the end of the week.

-I can do my laundry now.

-Surprisingly, I haven’t cried over my predicament.

-I can learn from today and make corrections.

-College is hard, but it is for EVERYONE. It’s not called easy-ege, It’s college. It’s an institution of learning. And I suppose failure is a kind of learning. It’s learning what not to do.

It will all be alright. Today is just one of those fluke days.  One of those days.

“Your momma told you there’d be days like these.”

OK, I’ll go try to cheer up. Maybe I’ll take a nap. Or design a new pair of hi-tops. Or write a cover letter or two for internships. Something that isn’t school. 

Thanks for listening. I appreciate it

Here for your troubles, have this .gif from the Olympics. Because it’s hilarious.

.Hockey is fun

Sometimes we all need a little scoot.



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