Black Friday Round Two

I’m sad to say that for my second shift, I didn’t record any….observations.

I went to bed after I got home from my first shift.  And slept for 6 hours.  It was great, but not enough.

A couple brought their child into the store at around 945 PM.  The child then screamed for 20 minutes while they checked out.  We were all annoyed.  I just felt bad for the child.  She was clearly exhausted.

The closing manager asked me (and a couple others) to stay until 2 AM, instead of leaving at midnight.  I agreed.  We stayed until 245 AM.  The store was still a disaster area.

By about 215, we had all lost our minds.  Two girls collapsed with laughter onto the floor.  I don’t even really know what they were laughing about, but we all joined in when one of them asked the other, who had been wearing the same exact thing all night long, if she had had glasses on the whole time.  She had.  It was hilarious.

A coworker gave me a ride home (I always walk to work, because it is literally across the street from my apartment.).  We had this conversation:

Her: I’m hungry.

Me: Me too, but I have no idea what meal I’m on.  But I do want pancakes.

Her: Ooooo, yes that sounds good.

Then we both just sat there, in silence.  She was just as tired as I was, because we had just worked the exact same hours all day long.

Went home. Slept for 7 more hours.

I have never appreciated Diet Coke more.

Things were definitely more amusing today.

This happened:

I was walking through the fitting room, when I saw a man, out of the corner of my eye, follow me with his eyes as I walked by.  I stopped and turned to face him.

Me: I’m sorry, sir.  Can I help you find something?

Customer (looking slightly shocked): Oh, no.  It’s just that…you’ve been here for three days straight.

Me: (thinking: How in the world does he know that?) said out loud: Oh–yeah, I have.  Good on you for recognizing me. (That is literally what I said, I don’t know where it came from.  Just means that lack of sleep doesn’t make me any less awkward.)

Customer (still slightly shocked at my predicament of having a busy job over Black Friday weekend): Oh…yeah.

Now, sir, that also means that you have been here for 3 days straight. Haha.

This also happened:

I was working in the Toddler Boy department.  There was another associate and a manager working by me.

Customer says to no one in particular (as there were three of us back there.): Where would I find kid’s leggings?

Me: Boys or Girls?

Now, leggings are sorta a girl product.  As in we don’t have them for boys.  At all.  But because she said “kid’s”, in my brain, that registered as either boys or girls.

The other associate and the manager looked at me, bewildered, as I realized what had just come out of my mouth.  They started laughing at me, and pretty hard.  It was actually really funny.

Customer: (quite sarcastically) Well, I’d like to see what you have for boy’s leggings! Haha!

Me: Oh…er…I mean girl’s.  We don’t have them for boys, obviously.  Yeah, they are over there. (I was slightly annoyed that the customer was so sarcastic, but I let it slide.  Because it’s silly to be angry when you are so tired.  I also laughed, really hard.)

The other associate then proceeded to take the customer over to where the leggings were located.

I was in the car with my sister earlier today.  As she got in the car, she looked at me, and said, “How are you driving?  You look exhausted.”

I replied, “Oh.  I guess I am.  I haven’t really thought about it.”

For 23 and a half of the last 48 hours, I have been on the clock.

Two of those remaining 24.5 hours were lunch breaks.  I wasn’t on the clock for them.

I have been asleep for 13 of the remaining 22 and a half.

I have no idea what I did for those unaccounted for 9.5 hours.  3 of them were spent with my sister today.  We ate Jimmy John’s and watched football.  Go Utes!  2 of them were probably spent getting ready for work.  I also watched some Netflix, so that was probably 2 more hours.

I guess I have thought about it.  She’s right.  I am exhausted.

As tough as I’d like to think I am, I do believe Black Friday won this year.

To end on a positive thought, if I can work all night long and then all the next evening long, I may have a future in endurance racing!  Ha.  I clearly need more sleep.  Le Mans, here I come.


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