Black Friday Round One

Last night, at 1130 PM, I clocked in for a 9 hour shift at Old Navy.

I was there all night long.

Before I had to go in, I put myself down for a nap, from 830 until 1030.  When I awoke from my short slumber, I decided to record what I was thinking and at what times, so I could then blog it.

I thought it might be fun.  It also proved that everyone goes crazy on Black Friday, especially the employees.

The results made even me laugh.  Which might be pathetic, but whatever.

Here is what I was thinking and at what time.  I have to go back this evening.

It was actually a lot of fun.  Enjoy.

1031 PM
Why am I awake?

1035 PM
I wonder how much alcohol was consumed before they came up with ‘Sellebrity’? (Sellebrity being a new job title the company introduced during the summer.)

1040 PM
I guess I had better turn off the rest of my alarms because I’m already awake.

1050 PM
Dang it. I’m hungry. Why am I hungry? This sucks. Will it be so bad if I just don’t go? Yeah it will be. Ok. Time to get up.

112 AM
If I have to hear one more customer say, “These ones,” I’m gonna scream.

115 AM
I’d like to take this moment to say that I’m really glad Old Navy did not buy the rights to the Fox song.

120 AM
I’m not tired I just don’t want to do anything

122 AM
So. Thirsty.

123 AM
Oh good. Time for break #1

145 AM
I forgot that Christmas meant the return of every off the wall Christmas song ever recorded playing at work. Joy.

212 AM
-JT’s “Take Back the Night” playing over loud speaker.-Yeah JT gets it. I love this song.

410 AM
Hour long break time. This is usually called lunch. Not today. Cereal is in the back. Yes.

440 AM
I really want to go sleep now. Sigh. But it’s not too busy so it’s like ok

450 AM
I will probably regret this Diet Coke decision in a couple hours. For now don’t care.

505 AM
Almost time to go back from “lunch”. My manager just came into the back, gave me half a granola bar, then borrowed my phone and called another store. It was hilarious. She said it was kinda like drunk calling. I’m sure it was because it was hilarious.

606 AM
I overheard a woman saying something about her son whose name is McQueen. I’m sorry. You named your child McQueen??

607 AM
Customer came up to me and asked for help. She was a little too close. Sorry lady but get out of my face.

710 AM
Last 15 minute break of the day. I can see the finish line. Oh wait–that’s the sun.

720 AM
A manager just told me she has enough caffeine to take out a small elephant running through her system. I asked her if her heart was racing. She said a little bit. Oh Black Friday. The things we do to stay awake.

726 AM
One last drink of Diet Coke and I’m back on the floor. Wish me luck.

800 AM
Folding. So. Many. Pairs. Of. Denim.

815 AM
15 minutes to go. Why did I volunteer to be in the fitting room?

831 AM
Just caught a manager. Asked one question, “Can I go clock out?” It was probably a bit more pitiful than I intended.  She simply nodded, she knew my plight. It is done. Until 715 tonight.


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