Entry three, Racing. It’s what we do.

(Man, I am on a blogging roll tonight)

This .gif made me laugh out loud (literally) when I first saw it. Seb’s face, RoGro and his arm dropping limply to his side, Nico and his strangely delayed retraction, and Adrian’s ‘Oh. Whoops.’ face.

It is HILARIOUS. And kinda describes Formula 1 perfectly.  From the outside, it all seems very glamorous, but it’s actually just 22 drivers, 11 teams, and a whole lotta awkward moments like these.

I love it.

And I’m still giggling at Sebastian’s reaction. Hilarious.  He is the only one who sees all of this coming. Heh.

SIDENOTE: For all of you paying attention (and I doubt a lot of you are), you may have noticed that this is entry three from the folder and I did intend to post these things in alphabetical order.  This one, alphabetically, should be first. But it is a growing folder and, as such, this .gif was not even in the folder when I started on this endeavor. END SIDENOTE.

(And as always, this isn’t mine. I took it from the internet. Not claiming it to be mine.)


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