I saw a hashtag today on twitter:


And now all I can think of is,

“Sebastian Vettel? Four for you Sebastian Vettel! You go Sebastian Vettel!”

It’s a bit of a problem, because the next thing to pop into my head is, “…and none for Mark Webber.”


But seriously, congratulations to Seb for another World Driver’s Championship and to RBR for another Constructor’s Championship. They all deserve it.

And Seb. From the beginning of my F1 obsession (let’s face it, it has reached obsession level), Seb has always been a favorite of mine. He’s a good driver. But after today, with his celebration and the way he has carried himself, I’m becoming even more of a fan. He seems like such a humble, down to earth dude who works hard every single weekend. And that is awesome.

And one more thing. I’m glad that they came up with something clever to go along with his name again. After last year’s ‘V3ttel’, I didn’t know what they could do for four. ‘V4ttel’ just seemed odd. But IVETTEL kinda works. But then again, it kinda sounds like he will now be available in the iTunes store. Hmm. Maybe ‘V4ttel’ isn’t too bad after all.


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