Just add it to the list

Reddit. It truly is a wonderful place.

And by wonderful, I mean kinda odd, but also fascinating.

There is a subreddit called r/formula1. It is where Formula 1 fans come together to discuss races, rumors, drivers, etc. Ya know, just F1 stuff. (There is also an IndyCar subreddit. It is also fabulous).

Now, being an F1 fan is hard. There aren’t many of us here (I think I’ve discussed this before) and so after a race, or when I find something funny or shocking, I don’t have anyone to talk about it with. It’s hard because I want to say something about Mark’s penalty for hitching a ride with Alonso or discuss where Nico Hulkenberg is going to end up next year or RoGro’s absolutely BRILLIANT start in Japan or whatever but I can’t because no one knows what I’m talking about. So I usually don’t say anything. But then I found the subreddit. I’m not going to lie, my first thought was, “I’ve done it. I’ve found my people. They will understand.” I decided to stick around and see what people discuss and hear read their opinions.

Am I actually a registered Redditor? No, I am not. But I do like reading everyone else’s comments on topics. The other day, I saw a thread that asked a question. It asked something to the effect of, “How do you manifest your love of F1 in your everyday life?” Then there was a description of what the original poster meant. He said something about clipping apexes in his car and taking the racing line in the hallway or on the sidewalk. The comments below were kinda awesome. People talked about taking the racing line when driving, keeping their hands on the steering wheel at 9 and 3, taking the racing line when jogging (which, the commenter added, probably looks ridiculous, but that doesn’t matter), and drawing tracks and then going over and over them with a pen. But one kid’s comment made me a little jealous. It simply said, “Getting a degree in Motorsports Engineering”.

Wait. Motorsports Engineering is an actual degree? I want one!

No, seriously. I do.

I didn’t know that degree was a thing! So I googled it. It’s DEFINITELY a thing. The only university I could find in the US that offers this degree is in Indiana, which is probably on purpose, because a bunch of IndyCar teams are based in IN.

But this degree is another 4 years. I want it, but I think I’ve found it too late.

It’s not that I don’t like my chosen field of study. I think a marketing degree will be good for me and will be fun. And if I play my cards right, I’ll end up working in motorsport anyway. (That’s the goal anyway)

A couple weeks ago, I talked about wanting another degree in physics. Again, I have acted too late. To complete an entire degree in physics would probably take another 3 years. It’s not that I don’t have that time, it’s that it doesn’t make sense to take the time when I’ve already completed another degree.

This is all sounding very depressing. And like I just settled with business school because no one else would take me. That is entirely not true. I chose business school because I wanted to, not because anyone made me or because it was a last resort.


I wish I could clone myself and then get as many degrees as I wanted! The clones would go to class for me and take all the tests and would be just as smart as me, but I would be the mother…Mary (ohhhhhhhhhh dear) and I would, in the end, retain all the knowledge that the others gained. Then I would have like 4 degrees and it would awesome.

Neuroscience, physics, marketing, and motorsport engineering.

That is the dream. To clone myself so I can learn as much as I can. There’s my problem, I just want to know so much about so many subjects that I can’t believe I narrowed it down to just one.

And then the clones could go to school more than once too.

Add to those 4 culinary school and I guess violin performance.

Wait, that’s just silly. 6 bachelor’s degrees. Yeah, that’s silly. But it also sounds awesome.

Maybe I’ll just be a perpetual student? No, that’s a bad idea too.

Aw, well. Just add it to the list of things I want to do. Also on the list is buy and then race Priuses (Prii?) on a drag strip. Why? Don’t question it.


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