An accidental haircut

Hello to all! I am still here.

This week, I’ve been at home. In Montana. It’s awesome. I don’t want to go back. I mean, school is awesome, but doing nothing is awesomer. Ha.

I have truly enjoyed sleeping in and not going to work and hanging out with my mom. Especially hanging out with my mom. Especially especially not going to work.

I also got to watch a Formula 1 race in HD. It was so so great. I don’t know how I’ll go back to not HD. Tomorrow is an IndyCar race. Also in HD. It’s gon be gud.

Fall break, however, is swiftly coming to a close. Sad, sad day.

That also means I need to start studying for the two midterms I have next week. I know. Midterms the week we get back. LAME!

It also means that my birthday is coming! Huzzah! And that the holiday season is starting way soon as well. Which means I can start listening to Christmas music sooner rather than later. And that is always a good thing.

Wait. What’s that you say? Mary, how could you get an accidental haircut? How is that possible? Well, I hear you. Lemme tell you how it went down.

Earlier this week, my sister had a hair appointment. My mom asked me if I wanted to have my hair cut as well. I figured it couldn’t hurt.

Ok, ok, ok. Here goes some background.  I have a lot of hair.  It is also kinda dark.  When it is long, I feel like it visually weighs me down. It’s just a long, dark curtain. When it gets to be long, I usually get it cut off. This is not really a problem, I mean, it’s hair. It’s gonna grow back. So big deal, right? Well, partially yes, partially no. I tend to do two things: let it grow out to past my shoulders and then, for some odd reason, I hack it all off and take it to my chin. Which is fine. But lately, I feel like it has become a little predictable. Long hair, then a bob. Long hair, then a bob. Etc, etc. It’s not that the bob looks bad, I just feel like it’s not the best length for me.

Ok, end background. A couple of years ago, I discovered my ‘perfect length’. It was halfway between my shoulder and chin. So, when I sat in the chair the other day, I knew where I wanted my hair to be. I told the girl and settled in for the cut. Then she made the first cut. And asked me if it was ok. It wasn’t. It was just a little bit too short. But I couldn’t quite say, “No, can you put some of it back?” I said it was ok, and let her proceed with the just a tad too short length. When she finished, it looked cute, but it also looked just the same as it always does when I get it cut after it being too long. It looked like a bob, probably because it was.

Try as might to like it, I just don’t. Yeah, it’s cute, and it looks okay, but I’m not in love with it. It slightly upsets me, but as soon as I voiced my opinion to my sister, she said, “Well, the difference between a bad haircut and a good haircut is two weeks.”

So, now I just have to wait for two weeks. Wish me luck.


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