Y’all are invited to the pity party

Ok, ok, ok.  Not the most positive of starts.  But, for the next five minutes, it is completely warranted.

Two weeks from now is fall break at my university.  Fall break is a glorious time.  It’s like halfway through the semester, so it’s a good way of reminding yourself that you can endure to the end of the semester.  Even the name is glorious.  Fall, meaning Autumn, is great.  Break, the magic word of all magic words to a college student.  (Well that and the even more glorious ‘class cancelled’ email.  But that’s for a different time.  Remind me to tell you about those times, because they are good.)

My first two years of college, I jumped on any opportunity to go back home.  I love being at home.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that I moved out, but I genuinely like, well love, my family and I enjoy being home with them (even if it isn’t all of them all the time).  My first two years of college, I feel like I went home a lot.  I became an airport expert, though, and that is an invaluable skill.

But last year, I decided to stay in the great state of Utah to gain residency and thus, pay less tuition.  As part of the ‘gaining residency’ game, you are not allowed to leave the state for more than 30 days.  So, last year, I couldn’t go home for every break.  Not a big deal.  That just meant more time to go work, I guess.  I really didn’t mind.

But we did go home for fall break last year.  That was fun.  On to this year though.

I was kinda indifferent about going home, so was my sister, who is my travelling buddy when it comes to going home.  We both wanted to go if we could, but we wouldn’t be completely heartbroken if we didn’t get to.

But then….

About a week ago, I was talking to my mom on the phone (that seems strangely redundant…but I’m not going to do anything about it.).  She asked me if I wanted to come home for fall break.  I said that I honestly didn’t care and Annie didn’t either.  She said something to the extent of, “Well, why don’t you guys come anyway?  It’ll be fun and you’ll get to be here at least once before Christmas.”

Well, that sold me.  I texted Annie and asked her if she wanted to go.  She replied that mom had already talked to her and that she was game to go.

That was that.  We were going home.  (Shout it from the rooftops)

After much excited dancing about in public places about my new trip, two concerns popped into my head: 1) work and 2) my car.

Remember a couple weeks ago when all the coolant that was inside my engine decided to peace out and be on the road instead?  And the coolant hose was like LOL, fine by me!  Yeah, me too.  Based on this recent event, I was genuinely concerned that the car wouldn’t make it over the many many (snow capped by now) mountains between Utah and Montana.  I told my concerns to my mother–she told me to call the mechanic that fixed my car and ask him what he thought.  I did.  He told me he thought it would be just fine, because all the hoses are now new, so the coolant isn’t going anywhere–except, ya know, the places it needs to be, like the engine.

That’s one concern taken care of.  But now the big one.  Work.

SIDE NOTE:  After this evening’s–hmmm, I think it’s appropriate to call it a plot twist–plot twist, I was trying to think of the last time I had a consecutive 7 days off where I didn’t have to work or go to school.  I think the last time that happened was last fall break.  Or maybe Christmas, but I worked at home during last Christmas break.  Yeah, sure, I’ve taken weekends off, or random days/parts of days to do stuff, but the last time I had an ENTIRE WEEK with nothing to do was, I’m quite sure of it, last fall break.  This fact makes me sad.  And burnt out.  But mostly sad.  Because it means that I don’t think I have enough fun in my life.  See, I told you this was a pity party!!  END SIDE NOTE.

As soon as I realized I needed to ask for the week off, I wanted to go in and ask it off.  But I waited until I was actually scheduled to work (It was probably just the next day).  I requested 8 days off, Saturday to Saturday.  At work, once you request a day off, it goes off to the managers for approval.  I don’t think I’ve ever really had any requests denied, unless they were already too late or the manager told me that she was going to deny it ahead of time.  I had faith that my week off wouldn’t be a big deal.

By now, my excitement about going home had escalated.  Quickly.

So, you can imagine my surprise when I received next week’s schedule email.  I looked at it, expecting to see Saturday off.  But there was a surprise waiting for me at the bottom of the email.

Not only do I not have Saturday off (Saturday being the first of the 8 days), but I have to work all day long.

This could mean a couple of things:

1. It’s a mistake (not really likely)

2. Just Saturday was denied but the other 7 are A-OK!

3. All 8 days were denied

Now, me being me, I jumped to the worst conclusion, and automatically assumed that #3 was what had happened.  I am very sad.

This is why this is a pity party.  I don’t know what the circumstances are.  Maybe I didn’t get the week off, and I’ll just have to not go home.  THAT’S COMPLETELY FINE.  It really is.  (I’m not using the caps sarcastically.  If I didn’t get it off, then that is really my fault for not jumping on my opportunity sooner.)  But for now, I am just upset and have a pile of dashed hopes sitting in my lap.  It’s not like I was counting on going home, but I was so looking forward to it.

That is why this is a pity party.  Because I’m sad in the moment.  Not because I’m mad at my managers.  Or mad that I am scheduled.  I’m just upset for now.  Tomorrow, I’ll find out what really is going on.  But for these 5 minutes, please let me be upset.  Also, I’m slightly upset that I’ve just been constantly going for such a long time.  School. Work. Repeat.  So I’m not mad at anyone from work.  I guess I’m just mad at myself for not jumping on the get work off now bandwagon sooner.

Here is where you don’t have to pity me.  To try to cheer myself up, I got McDonald’s for dinner.  It didn’t make me feel all that better.  Yeah, I got to eat chicken nuggets, but now I feel kinda yucky.  Lesson learned.

I just need to buck up and get over myself.  THAT is why this is a pity party.  Thank you for coming.  I truly appreciate it.

Also, this comes in the middle of an infinitely long week.  Earlier this week, I discovered some charges on my credit card that I did not recognize.  Yay.  I had to call the credit card company and have a dispute filed.  Then I called my mom and she told me to call back and have a new card issued and have that one closed.  I did (about 2.3 minutes after calling the first time).  The first guy I talked to was SUPER nice.  The second girl I talked to infuriated me SO MUCH that I’m like still miffed about it.  But that’s for another time.

Hey, you made it to the end of the pity post!  As a reward, have some silly pictures that are saved to my computer.  (SIDE SIDE NOTE: I have a folder on my computer called “Racing. It’s what we do.”  It’s full of funny/silly/awesome racing related pictures.  I have another called “Just Because” and another called “Snapshots”.  One day, I will blog just the contents of these folders.  Brace yourselves.  END SIDE SIDE NOTE.)

Even the Stig has bad days.

Even the Stig has bad days.

Hehe. So silly.

Hehe. So silly.

There. Now even I feel better.  And I don’t have school in the morning.  Awwwwww yiiisssssssss.  And tomorrow is a football game. EVEN MORE YIIISSSSSSSSSSSS.


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