A Silly Chicane



Entry one from “Racing. It’s what we do.”

This is from the Grand Prix of Baltimore from last year, I believe.

The GP of Baltimore was an IndyCar race.  It’s not on the calendar for next year.  It’s a mess of a track.  This year, something like 30 laps were lead by the safety car.  It was a mess.  But it’s also a really cool track.  This particular chicane was to ‘slow the cars down’.  I dunno.  Looks like a fun time to me. Ha. Haha! Hahaha!! Jokes!

DISCLAIMER: I didn’t make this .gif.  It’s true, I stole it from the internet.  I’m not claiming to have made it.  I don’t claim to be the original poster of this.  I just thought it was funny, so I grabbed it and threw it in a folder on my computer.


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