I got dressed first

You know how sometimes you accidentally wear the same outfit as someone else?  Yeah, me too.  But that person has always been a family member (usually my younger sister).

When we both lived at home, one of us would walk into our shared bathroom, see that the other one was wearing the same outfit and then say, “Hey! Well…I got dressed first so you have to go change.”

This week I accidentally wore the same outfit as two people.  That makes sense.  I do have two sisters.  Nothing totally out of the norm, right?  Well, actually no.  You see, neither of these people were my sisters.  And, I’ll do you one better, one of them was a complete stranger.

Let’s see how it happened.

SIDENOTE: Why am I always embarrassed on my blog?  Man, I think that means I’m weird. END SIDENOTE.

Okay.  Rewind to Thursday.  Class on Thursday starts at 1045.  I have to catch the 1006 bus to get there on time.  But for some reason, I could NOT get out of bed Thursday morning.  I don’t know why.  I do thoroughly enjoy sleeping and I just was having none of the waking up game Thursday morning.  I am also quite the deep sleeper.  So I have to have more than one alarm set because I just can’t hear just one.  Thursday morning, I think I had 5 set.  Two on my phone, two on my ipod, one on my actual alarm clock.  From the time the first one goes off to the time the last one goes off is like two hours (Yes, I know it’s pretty sad; I should really just delete the two ipod ones because I never hear them anyway).  I heard all 5 Thursday morning.  I turned off all 5, then proceeded to wake up a little bit, then go back to sleep.  In my defense, it was wicked cold in my room and wicked warm in my bed.

But anyway.  I’m still trying to tell a story about me going to school.  Sorry, got a bit sidetracked.

Because of my lack of ability to get up for a class I really don’t like in the first place, I was late for class.  I was like 15 minutes late.  I also had no clean clothes, so I opted for jeans, a t-shirt, and my Disneyland sweatshirt, which I do wear with pride thank you very much.  I walked into class on quiet quiet QUIET mode because I didn’t want to disrupt anything.  I saw the row that my class buddy was sitting on, but she didn’t really have an accessible free seat by her.  Drat.  But there was a girl sitting on the row, then two empty seats, then a boy.  I decided I would sit in one of the two empty seats.  For some odd reason, I chose the one next to the boy and not the girl.  Don’t ask me why, I just did.  The boy was busy taking notes on his tablet.  I peeked over to see if I had missed much.  I hadn’t.  I took my notebook and pen out and started to pay attention to the professor (I was succeeding a lot better than the boys on facebook in front of me).  About 45 minutes later, my professor wasn’t really lecturing anymore and was instead showing us virtualization on a laptop (so, for example, if my laptop runs Windows 8 and I wanted to use XP for a project, it can be done and I know how now).  It was all a little boring, just because not even my professor seemed interested, so we were all bored.  The kid next to me put his tablet away.

Important detail here.  My Disneyland sweatshirt has a vintage(?) Mickey Mouse on it.  OK, carry on.

After a second he leaned forward to put his tablet in his backpack.  He was wearing a dark grey vintage Mickey sweatshirt.  Kinda like mine, but mine is light grey.  I admit.  It was funny.  I was slightly embarrassed that the random kid I decided to sit by was wearing essentially the same sweatshirt as I was, but I decided to pretend that I hadn’t noticed and hoped he hadn’t either.  As soon as I saw what he was wearing, I thought, ‘Dang it, I bet he got dressed first.  I have to go change.’

Sure a lot of people have Mickey sweatshirts, but I didn’t randomly SIT NEXT TO THEM DURING CLASS!

That’s it, right? Well for that story yes.  But, remember I had two stories.  Now, let’s fast forward in my life about 24 hours.  The next morning, I was still out of clean clothes.  Hey, laundry is a process and I was planning on doing it all morning Friday because I don’t have class and I didn’t have to work, but then I covered a coworker’s shift, because she had a legitimate reason.  I decided to go with a black shirt and a plaid button up shirt that was red and blue.  I got to work at 8.  A couple hours later, while I was standing behind the cash wrap at work, another coworker walked behind the counter and stared helping a customer.  I looked over and immediately noticed what he was wearing, a blue and red plaid button up.  I laughed.  Out loud.  And then I told him that I got dressed first.  He just looked at me, smiled and then shrugged.  We dealt with it like champions I think, in that we didn’t really draw attention to it again.  Except when a manager told us that she was sad that we didn’t send her the plaid button up memo.

Always remember who got dressed first.  Oh, I’m pleased to say that I do have clean clothes again (and hair, but that’s a completely unrelated point.).


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