It must be love

Oh, how I love tennis.

It is now the second week of the US Open.

Sidenote: One thing that I love about the US Open is how accessible it all seems.  Where as the other Grand Slams seem to be so tight and high strung, the US is just so chill.  The focus really seems to be on the fans.  And that is really cool.  And the players seem to embrace and enjoy that, too.  Anyway, end sidenote.

It has been great tennis.

Sure Federer is out. 😦 So is Isner. 😦 😦 But it has all been great tennis.

Like Djokovic.  The man just won in three sets in an hour and twenty minutes.  He looks like he didn’t even break a sweat.  It was awesome.

Andy Murray plays tonight.  That’ll be a great match.  Come on Andy! (He’s my favorite this year)

So come on Andy! Get some rest Nole! And I love the Open. I really, really do.


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