The one where I live alone for a week

Hey all!  I’m still here.  Exhausted, but here.

I did not nap today.  Which is excellent news, considering I woke up at 6 for work.  Yay!

I spent this last week alone because my roommate went on vacation.  And I can say this one thing:

I kinda don’t mind living alone.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love having my roommate.  But it was nice to have my apartment all to myself for a week.  And considering all I did was work and sleep and watch tv, it was kinda a vacation for me too.

Oh, did I watch a lot of tv.  Let’s review what I watched.

Castle.  Ohhhhh boy Castle.  My sister and my mom watch it and they always talk about how good it is and I never really listened.  I think when they first got into it, I was in the middle of Doctor Who (and probably Top Gear) on Netflix, so I didn’t need another show to watch.  However.  There was a Castle marathon on TNT this week and I watched.  A lot.  And I was hooked.  CURSE YOU, NATHAN FILLION AND YOUR HANDSOMENESS AND CHARM.  CURSE YOU.  But really, Castle is really that good.

Tennis.  When Castle wasn’t on, I was watching tennis.  This week was the Western and Southern Open in Cincinnati.  It was good, good tennis.  Even the commentators weren’t too annoying (and they always are).  I have a friend who went and she would text me things like: “Oh, just ran in to Andy Murray.” or “Just hung out with Delpo’s coach,”
NBD.  I was so jealous.  That’s just so awesome.  But watching was so great too.  John Isner will remain as a favorite for me until forever.  Andy Murray is also very much a favorite of mine and so is Nole.  Gotta love ’em.  And the tournament is awesome.

One week until the US Open.  Huzzah!

What else did I watch…oh. Yeah.  Supernatural.  Now, I have wanted to get into Supernatural for the longest time and I just never did.  Well I did this week.  While I was home alone.  At midnight.  Yes, I know.  Smart move, Mary.  Supernatural is a bit scary and I have to admit, I lost some sleep to a couple episodes–not because I was watching them, but because I was scared.  But it is a good show, and I’ll keep watching, just not at night.

Top Gear.  It was the last episode of this current series.  And, oh, what a show it was.  It was great.  There was this great film at the end that was an homage to great British motoring feats.  And it was wonderful.  The whole show was kinda dedicated to the Jaguar F-Type.  I WANT AN F-TYPE.  SO BADLY.  It’s beautiful.  And.  It’s a Jaaaaaaaaagggggg. Heh.  Mark Webber was the F1 Star in the Reasonably Priced Car.  He’s leaving F1 at the end of this year, and although I’ve been following F1 for all of like half a season now, I am really going to miss him next year.  He is really awesome.  But anyway, I digress.

Will I ever get through a post without talking about F1?  Probably not.  Sorry.

Today was my last day alone.  My roommate came home this evening.  How did I spend the day?  I watched more tv, of course!

Now, I know it seems like all I did was sit in front of the television this week while I wasn’t at work.  I didn’t.  I did leave my house for other things besides work.  And besides, this is my summer vacation, and because I had summer school this summer, I had to pack all of summer into two weeks.  I’m very badly justifying my week.  It’s not really working, is it?

Anyway.  I watched the Help today.  I had seen it before, I just wanted to watch it again.  OH GOOD HEAVENS.  I cried.  And cried and cried and laughed and then cried some more.  I have no idea why!  it was just so upsetting.  And I know this is the point, but I just hated Miss Hilly.  She is so awful.  I really need to read the book (no, I haven’t…YET…but I intend to!!).

And then I watched baseball.  And oh, what a baseball game it was.  Yankees at Boston.  More on that later.

So, it was a good week to myself.  I spent it going to work and yelling at my television.  I realized during one tennis match that I had stood up and was crouching in front of the screen with my hands clasped over my mouth.  I kinda like tennis.

Also got a new album.  Parachute, “Overnight”.  Check it out.  It’s good.

Next Sunday is:

  • A Grand Prix (Belgium to be exact)
  • An IndyCar race (GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma)
  • A school night.  Crud. 😦

(Side note: I can’t say ‘Grand Prix’ without an accent.  It sounds weird with my American accent.  I always end up saying Grooonnnnnn Prix [sorta with a British accent, I guess?].  Anyway, character flaw.  Or cultural awareness? Not sure.  But saying GrAnd Prix just sounds odd.)

Last week of summer.  My family is coming!  All of them!  Wahoo!  And it’s going to be a bit cooler!! (We’re talking mid 90s instead of 100s. Yessssss.  I’m ready for fall.)

I guess I’d better make this week fun or something.  I’ll let y’all know how it goes.


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