Baseball.  It truly is a way of life.

I’m a Yankees girl.  I always have been.  Now, don’t you point your finger at me, claiming that I just jumped on the bandwagon.  I didn’t.  I have always loved baseball, my whole family always has.  And the Yankees have always been the team we cheer for.  I like other teams, and I can tell you specifically which teams I don’t like, but the Yankees are my favorite.  Now that we have that clear, tonight’s game.  Now, the Sox and the Yankees.  One of the biggest rivalries in all of sports.  The games are always super long and always have some sort of controversy.

Tonight was no different.

Bottom of the second.  A-Rod is at bat.  No one really likes A-Rod right now, which I can understand.  The pitcher, I don’t even know who he is, decided to let A-Rod know that he didn’t like him.  Alright, that’s fine.  First pitch goes behind A-Rod’s knees. (The pitcher was intending to hit him, I think.)  Alright, I think in the world of baseball, that’s enough of a warning, no?  Yeah, well apparently, this pitcher didn’t think so.  ON THE FOURTH PITCH, the previous three also directed (literally) at A-Rod, he finally succeeded in hitting him.  Of course, that means take your base.  And that’s what A-Rod did.  But that wasn’t the focus.  The home plate umpire leaped forward and gave a warning to both dugouts.  Both dugouts and bullpens were emptied onto the field and Joe Girardi was ANGRY.  He let the umpire know his frustrations.  He got ejected.

Now at this point, I was thinking, ‘Oh, that pitcher is gone, too.’  Pretty sure everyone was thinking that.  But…HE WASN’T!!!!!!  He remained in the game.  And pitched like 4 more innings.  I was so miffed.  And so were the commentators, which made me feel a bit better, because it meant that my anger was sorta justified.

Everyone thought CC Sabathia would be ejected in the next inning.  He would retaliate, surely, and that would be the end of his night.  But.  He DIDN’T.  CC.  What a guy.  Way to be, CC.  Way to be.

The rest of the game was not without its moments.  A-Rod came back to get a couple RBIs and a solo homer.  A couple more players (on each team) were hit by errant pitches.  But I think those were truly errant.  Enter Sandman.  Rivera came in and closed and the Yankees won 9-6.  The rivalry lives to see another game.  It might be a little more heated now.


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