The Sunday Nap Game

Every Sunday, after church, I always joke that I play a game.  I call it “The Sunday Nap Game”.

Let’s be real here people.  This game is no joke.  I’m serious about my naps.

There are no definite rules to this game.  You just nap.  If you nap, you win.

Those were always the rules.

I think today I’m adding a new one.

This may not seem like a good rule, but it’s for my own good. And to stop my laziness.

New rule:

If your nap lasts longer than 3 hours, you lose.

Today, I lost.  Big time.  I took like a 45 minute nap.  Perfect.  I should have, at that time, gotten up and watched a movie, read a book, anything that was not being in my bed.

But instead, what I did was roll over and go back to sleep.  For TWO AND HALF MORE HOURS.  This is not good.

Granted, I did feel a lot a bit sick yesterday.  And I had a migraine for a good part of the day yesterday.  But still.  That shouldn’t be much of an excuse.

So, I am sad to now report that my undefeated streak of the Sunday Nap Game has ended.  You won this week, Sunday. (Is that who I’m playing? I honestly have no idea.)

But this will be the last week.  I swear.  You’re going down, Sunday.  And my own laziness.  And migraines. (Especially migraines)

On a funner note, Cars was on TV today.  Man, I love that movie.  I like to try to match all the voices of the cars to who the people are in real life.  And my recent Formula 1 obsession led to a new appreciation of the end with the ‘real’ Ferrari in Luigi’s Casa Della Tires.  The line goes like this:

Luigi: Guido, pinch me.  There is a real Michael Schumacher Ferrari in my store! A real Ferrari! Pinch me, Guido…this is the most glorious day of my life!

Michael Schumacher (Yes! The REAL Michael Schumacher! Schumi…what a dude.  Legend.) is, obviously, the voice of the Ferrari.  The joke here is that Schumi raced for Ferrari at the time.  So, he kinda is a real Ferrari.

BUT my favorite part is the friends he has with him.  One of them is another Ferrari (I think).  The other is a Maserati.  No big deal.  I’m sure Michael Schumacher just hangs out with Maseratis anyway.

Anyway.  He’s not the only actual driver in the movie, but he might be my new favorite part.  Because Ferrari.  And that is the only reason you’ll ever need.

Anyway anyway.  It’s a good movie.

So, let’s sum up.  No more all day nap marathons.  Cars is awesome.  Michael Schumacher is the best (and those guys at Pixar really know their stuff to write such a joke/reference into the movie).  Annnddddd, I wish that I had watched F1 when he was racing.  Aw, well.  I suppose that’s what YouTube is for.

That’s all.  Happy Sunday to all.

I’m gonna be awake for like 5 more hours.  Thanks naps. (Don’t get me wrong, I do love my naps)


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