Ode to College

Oh, college. I love you and I hate you. I mean, for one thing, grades. They are AWFUL! For one class that I took this summer (yes, yes, I took summer classes. Go ahead and laugh), I am so stressed about the grade.  Now, you must be thinking, “But Mary, you should have just studied harder.”

Um…yeah….no.  I feel as if I did a sufficient amount of studying.  But no amount of studying could save me from a failing grade (and by failing, I mean a C.  Don’t judge.)

Yes, I am frustrated.  I wish that my profs would just say, ‘Hey! You tried! Have a passing grade.’ But no. Effort? What? I knew that college would be hard.  I didn’t realize how many nights I would have to stay up all night long just to understand my homework. 530 AM and I have become great friends, though. So that’s a positive.

Don’t get me wrong–I love college. Really, I do. I just don’t like putting in what I perceive to be a decent effort just to have a professor say, ‘Your best just isn’t good enough. Try again next semester.’

Thanks, profs. I appreciate the vote of confidence.

Well, well, well. That took a turn for the depressing, bitter worst. Not intended. Sorry.

But….then again. Sometimes, you just get lucky. And get a B-. You know what, gods of finance? I’ll take it. So HA! (Yes, between the last two sentences, I found out my grade. Deal with it.)


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