Chris Hardwick saved my life once

I go to school in Utah.  My parents live in Montana.  Last fall, my sister and I were driving back to Utah from Montana because it was the end of Fall Break.  Sad day.

I will tell you one thing about driving from Montana to Utah.  It’s boring.

We usually go through Idaho because it is interstate all the way, except for like 60 highway miles through beautiful Montana country.

Idaho is boring.  (Sorry to all the Idahoans out there.)

I was driving.  My sister was in charge of music.  Halfway through Idaho, we both got ruuullllll tired.  Like nodding off and couldn’t focus on the task at hand.  Don’t worry, it was just driving, so not like it needed my whole attention anyway.  WAIT! FALSE! I NEEDED TO BE AWAKE FOR THIS.  I looked at my sister and asked her if she could drive.  She looked at me with the sleepiest expression ever.  I kinda panicked.  A little.

Next thing I knew, she was asleep and I was staring at a mountain that my car needed to make it over.  With a sleepy driver.  Oh dear.  Then I remembered:

I had a podcast on my iPod that I could listen to.

SIDENOTE: That podcast was the Nerdist podcast.  I don’t remember how I came across this podcast, all I know is that it is hilarious. Go listen to it.

Ok, moving right along.  I had to think fast.  I was half asleep and the cruise control was on.  I grabbed my iPod and stuffed my headphones into the headphone jack.  I selected the first podcast on the list and turned up the volume.  The episode that was first on the list was Tom Hanks.  I didn’t know what I was in for, but I knew it was going to be AWESOME.

The episode started out with much concentration on my part.  I was trying my very hardest to stay awake and this was my only hope (no reference intended, but hey, it kinda works).  What I didn’t know is that Tom Hanks is HILARIOUS.  I listened.  I laughed.  I WOKE UP.  It was glorious.  I laughed so hard, it woke up my sister.  She looked a little annoyed, but hey, we were alive and I was ready to go for another 300 miles.

When the episode was over and she was awake, we listened again.  I laughed even harder and she understood why she was awoken.  We made it back to Utah safely.  I realized soon after that Chris, Jonah, Matt, and Tom Hanks had helped me.  And for that I am grateful.  Thanks guys.  We share a bond that none of you know exists.  And that’s a little creepy.  Sorry.

(And my sister and I got the inside joke that is Willie Mays’ PSA.  “Save yo eyes.”)

Here is the PSA in question. It is hilarious.


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