“You should start a blog”

So hello! This is new to me. 


So for a long time, I’ve thought I should start a blog. I mean, a lot of my friends have them.  Mostly, they talk about their lives, which as college students, are riveting, no? Yeah…a lot of them always told me that I should blog, too.  The conversations kinda went like this:

“Mary, you should have a blog.  You’re hilarious and it would be awesome.”

And my reply would always be:

“Oh…yeah.  I should.” (While in my head, I was screaming, “NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE.”)

So now the question is, why are you here now, you girl who didn’t stand her ground?

Well, last night I was at dinner with a friend.  I was telling a story saga that happened to me.  I happen to be a very animated story teller.  So, when I was finally finished, she said to me, “Man, you should start a blog with that story alone.  But you have to do a video blog.  With all the hand gestures and voice and everything.  Because that was great.”

Well, I’m not going to vlog that particular story.  Not now anyway.  Maybe later.  But the way she said those 5 words: You should start a blog.  That hit me.  And I thought, maybe it’s time.  This way, I can tell the stories that happen to me.  And it will all be just fine (and my friends won’t have to hear the same stories ten times–sorry friends. I know I do that a lot.)

So (I use that word a lot.  Bit annoying really.  Apologies.) we have arrived to why I am here.  All my friends finally got to me.  Good on you guys.  Good on you.

Well, that makes me sound bitter.  I’m not.  I am excited for this to happen.  I’m not really sure what I’m going to post yet.  I don’t have a specific thing I want the world to know about.  Just the things that happen to me.  This will be an experiment in blogging.  Hope you all are ready for the journey.  Let me know when we leave.  


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